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Since 2007, we have continually invested in CoreOne, making it the most powerful and functionally rich off-the-shelf Animal Health Information System


Comprehensive and fully road-tested

Our flagship product provides the major software component of the critical infrastructure you need to operate a comprehensive and integrated animal information platform. It is 100% web-based and provides a fast, secure and easy-to-use application that your users will enjoy.

With over 700 million records in more than sixty deployed CoreOne Veterinary Information Manager (VIM) systems, you can be sure that we have the experience and track record to deliver a successful implementation. You will quickly be able to make use of the broad functionality set that includes comprehensive and integrated recording of premises, herds and animals as well as movement, treatment, test and vaccination records. You can also manage all your disease and quality assurance programs including the history of visits and inspections associated with each participant. The attachments functions allow you to upload and store any electronic or scanned paper document relating to an animal, premises and many other types of record.

However, CoreOne VIM is not simply a passive repository for your animal health data; you can use the many CoreOne Insight features that allow you to view reports and other data analysis output in Microsoft Excel format, as overlays on Google Maps, or as thematic maps. But most important of all is that you are electing to adopt a platform that is continually improving; Trace First is committed to capturing user feedback and continually work to add new features and capabilities to CoreOne VIM to make it even more useful to you.

Powerful & fast

We have successfully deployed single CoreOne VIM systems containing several hundreds of millions of animal records. CoreOne VIM offers powerful features to access, interpret and analyze your data. We invest considerable effort optimizing the database and the user interface and it shows - CoreOne VIM is fast, allowing you to get to the information you need in a timely manner. If you choose to have Trace First host your CoreOne system, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing its running on world-class Amazon Web Services infrastructure. This means it will perform efficiently and reliably even under high demand scenarios, such as when working large numbers of tracebacks or in a disease outbreak scenario. Our 100% web-based interface is intuitive and easy to use for novices and experienced users alike. Features like our Google Maps interface provide best-in-class visualization in an interface that users find intuitive.