Trace First


A new standard for providing movement regulations to private veterinarians and producers


Livestock Movement Requirements Web Portal

At the time that USAHA Resolution 26 was proposed, we felt it was an important step in creating a context where parties intending to move animals interstate could easily understand the requirements relating to the intended movement. We note the excellent work done by the Working Group since then, including the comprehensive Report they produced at the end of 2013. We wholeheartedly supported their conclusion that an Interactive Database is the superior option and have developed to meet this requirement. Currently we support regulations for Cattle, Sheep, Goats and Horse movement regulations for all states.


Overview a simple, easy-to-use interface for users wishing to move animals interstate. The first thing a user will be asked is to select the origin & destination states and the species:

From these selections, they will be directed to the appropriate starting question. We developed a clutter-free, intuitive interface where the question and the available answers are clearly presented to the user.

The entire web application has been created to recognize if the user is accessing from a computer or a mobile device (phone, tablet etc) and react accordingly. For example, the text sizes will be correctly optimized for the smaller screens of mobile devices.



Tagging Sites has a comprehensive list of all the tagging sites across the US. Anyone can quickly search and find the location and contact details for the tagging site.  We show the results on google maps and well as in a table below the map.