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Animal Health and Laboratory Management Systems

We've been leaders in animal health systems since 2007

In fact, our founders' involvement in animal health information systems goes back to 1995. We offer a suite of products and services to address two primary needs:

Animal Health Information Systems

With an exemplary track record, Trace First can help you optimize your Animal Health Information Systems. Our principal product, CoreOne, provides an off-the-shelf solution that is fully customizable to your specific needs. 

Laboratory Information Management Systems

Recognizing the need for a modern, cloud-ready LIMS system, we took the decision in 2015 to start developing CoreOne for Labs. In April 2018 we were awarded a contract to implement it for Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory; this will be complete by October 2018.



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Products & Services

Animal health

When we founded Trace First in 2007, we wanted to create products that would allow customers to move away from internally-maintained legacy systems. Our first product, CoreOne, allows our customers to achieve this objective. It is an off-the-shelf web-based system offering truly comprehensive animal health information management.

laboratory information management

In 2015, we identified a gap in the market, so we started the process of creating a comprehensive off-the-shelf Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). The product we created, CoreOne for Labs, builds on the heritage of CoreOne and offers a step-change in functionality, performance and technology.

CVI Processing

The expertise we have gained in animal health systems in the US since 2007 led to the creation of our cloud-based portal for processing Certificates of Veterinary Inspection - this system,, provides comprehensive functionality for processing paper and electronic CVIs.

traceability clearing house

Our web application processes millions of animal sightings and movements every year. We offer a free version to all states who utilize CoreOne and/or SCS, which processes eCVIs that adhere to the USAHA eCVI XML standard.

data migration

We have migrated billions of records from legacy systems into our applications. We have a methodology which minimizes risk to help ensure a smooth transition off your old software into our platform. Each migration we do is carefully customized to your exact requirements.


The feedback we get on our training is always positive and confirms our belief that its an essential part of helping our customers maximize their return on investment in our products. We offer a comprehensive range of on-site and web-based training programs.


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