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Texas Animal Health Commission contract award

We are delighted to announce that Trace First has been awarded a contract by the Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) to implement CoreOne as their enterprise-wide animal health information system. The TAHC plans to retire as many as fifteen in-house standalone systems over a two year period, migrating the data and functionality of these systems into CoreOne.

Commenting on the contract award, the TAHC’s Information Technology Director, Bryan McKay said: “Trace First’s commitment to modern technology standards and understanding of the high volumes of data managed by TAHC made them the clear winner in our RFP. We look forward to consolidating our internal systems onto Trace First’s CoreOne cloud system.”

Trace First co-founder, Michael McGrath, added “we are very excited to welcome the TAHC to the CoreOne community - we understand the high volumes of data generated by the nation’s largest livestock production state and are confident that CoreOne offers a long-term platform for effective capture and reporting of this information in support of the TAHC’s  objectives.”

About Trace First

Founded in Northern Ireland in 2007, Trace First is a leader in IT systems related to animal health, veterinary surveillance and laboratory information management. The company has offices in Moira, Northern Ireland and Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.

About Texas Animal Health Commission

Founded in 1893, the agency’s vision is that, through the cooperative efforts of the Texas Animal Health Commission, animal producers, and allied industry groups, the animal population of Texas is healthy and secure.

Enquiries about this contract can be directed to:

Michael McGrath

Bryan McKay